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  • Why we found ENJOYSCUBA?

After some years in diving, we knew some factors hurt diver's body that is the reason we make 

dive wear for protecting divers when they are diving underwater.


It is great that we have this opportunity to engage in the diving field. So, we have a responsibility

for making good quality dive wear for divers.


Enjoy scuba is a high level of diving.  How to enjoy scuba when you are in diving activity?  It is not

easy at the beginning. First of all, you should have a qualified skill that needs to pass a few certificates.  

Secondly, you should have the necessary diving gears. Thirdly,  you should have good phycological

quality.  Fourthly, you should have a reliable diving buddy.  Then,  you choose the ideal diving point,  

so, you will be able to enjoy diving. That is the reason we name after ENJOYSCUBA.  


We understand diving,  we understand divers more.


  Who we are?

Enjoy Outdoors Ltd is a professional diving wear manufacturer which located in Shenzhen & Dongguan, 

Guangdong, China.  


●  What do we do?

Cooperating with Italian excellent designer and researching team, we have developed popular 

models WS-001, WS-002 dive wetsuit and etc... and exported over 60 countries and areas the

past years. We hope to cooperate with our partner tightly and provide a more reliable and classical 

style for divers in the future.


● Our Slogan

ENJOYSCUBA is waiting for you in the deep sea.


● Our Vision

To be one of the best diving wear company in the world.